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  Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds manufacturers
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 02:05 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

Our History
Our office is located at Block A 401-402, JinYuYunChung, BanTian, LongGang, ShenZhen China. There are 350 square meters, 18 people. Product developing of 10 people (including: appearance designer, structural design Engineer, hardware engineer, software engineer, electroacoustic engineer) and sales team of 8 people.
YiYin Technology produce the mobile accessories since 2010. We focus on the bluetooth earphone from 2014 and start the TWS earphone in 2016. We provide professional OEM and ODM services to customers. The company relies on independent original design, wireless connection technology, audio and sound processing technology, acoustic technology, rich production and quality control experience and production process. Directly or indirectly serving more than 100 professional customers around the world, we are committed to building a multi-faceted service enterprise which is including integrates product design, product development, product manufacturing, and product production. We are pursuing a broader development space, and we are willing to get more profit with more partners.
Our Factory
Our factoy is located in Block 2, HuaZhiChuangXin Valley, YuHua Rd, TangXia Town, DongGuan. The total area is more than 3,000 square meters. It has more than 100 employees and 8 production technicians (including technical management, production technology, quality control and other technical backbones), QC, IQC and other quality personnel 12, assembly line 4, daily output is 4,000 units. After five years of hard work, our factory has become a professional audio production base.
Our Product
Bluetooth earbuds, Wireless earphone, TWS earbuds.

Product Application
For mobile and pad, for sports and business.
Our Certificate

Production Equipment
RF test Machine, Electoacoustic tester, Horn curve tester, Automatic dispenser, Aging Tester, button life tester, Soundproof room, RF shield room, Ultrasonic assembling, Hot shrinkable film machine.

Production Market
Our main market is Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea, as well as brands in China.
Our Service
Pre-sale service:
1. Free drawing supplied in 7 days for ODM project.
2. Products direction development.
In-sales service:
1. Quality assurance.
2. Timely and effective communication.
3. Delivery on time.
After-sale service:
1. Continuous developing for new products.
2. Permanent technology support. Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds manufacturers

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  Cylinder Welding price
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 02:02 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

Pyramid, was established in 2006, specializing in welding automation manufacture, sales, and services with nearly 10 years experience.Our products ranges: automatic seam welding machine, resistance welding machine, automatic light pole welding machine and robotic welding station, etc. We direct energies to a higher quality products and best service.
Moreover, we are specialized in "whole solution" of production lines for our customers, we not only supply you the individual equipment, but also delivery a solution for your project. This will bring you more values from us.    
With regard to the welding equipment industry, advanced technical well-know in design and production activities and long term experience, we provide important technology and innovations for tank, pressure vessel, boiler,ship building, nuclear power, electric power station, manufacturing processes. We not only sell the equipment, but also delivery value to customers.
Service is our specialty, after long time cooperation, you will satisfy more with us.     
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or E-mail. We will revert to your questions, within 24 hours after your requests. Call us at:+86-13812082959 if you are interested in our company or products.
Nearby locations:
PVG Pudong airport, 178Km, by train: 50 min
Wuxi Airport: 35Km, by car: 50 min
Peking Airport: 1100Km to Wuxi, 2hrs by plane
Shanghai Port: 145Km, 2hrs by truck
Wuxi Railway Station: 25Km, 40 min by car
Established in July,18th, 2006.
In 2006, Dec 12th,first pipe automatic welding line export to Middle East Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Algeria customer visited us to see this line before delivery.  
In 2007, First light pole production whole lines export to Tunisia. and sent our technician to customer's site to install and train their staff.  
In 2008, Established own overseas'department, in charge of world market, and assess own export right from the government.  
In 2009, Integrated cut to length line, with modification, and tandem press brake into pole welding line filed, to fulfill our products line, to provide whole solution for pole production.  
In 2010, Successfully win the bidding of Iran Project, supplying 8 sets 300tons welding rotator turning rolls, in which cooperated with China SINOPEC.  
In 2011, Be a member of China Mechanical Engineering Society. Expanded products range to laser welding machine and robotics welding station fields.   
In 2012, Established Pyramid Industry Limited in HK, which in charge of the foreign business. Expanded business scope in the worldwide.   
In 2013, Established head office at Wuxi commercial city center. In which international sales team and management works there.    
In 2014, Expand global sales team to 2 main department, one in charge of east half global market, the other in charge of west half global market.
In 2015, Starting joint-stock cooperation mechanism. The team is made up of the leader from technician, excellent salesman, and main management.   
In 2016, Successfully exported several sets of corner seam welding machines overseas.
Pyramid is a high-tech enterprise. With China Compulsory Certification (CCC), and was certified to ISO9001 Quality System Certification in the industry.
Headquartered in Wuxi,China. With one production base in Yangshan Industrial Zone and one sales center in Wuxi Commercial Center.
Our product range mainly include automatic seam welding machine, resistance welding machine, automatic light pole welding machine and robotic welding station and other related products. Cylinder Welding price

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  china Escalator manufacturers
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:59 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

Escalator series of United Elevator
Rise directly to high position, leading in the world
United escalator applies leading technology in the world, epitomize diversity function together. Precision manufacturing and continuous optimization of product design leads the new fashion of escalator.

High standards, establish the benchmark of security
Apron brush in order to prevent passengers’ clothes clipped in apron plate and gap of stair side and ensure the elevator secure.
Inlet protection for handrail, If there is a object stuck between the rubber head and the handrail bend, the safety switch on the back of the rubber inlet will start and stop the escalator.
The elevator emergency button is located under the left side of the down escalator, the emergency situation can be pressed to stop the rapid braking, to avoid falling down, and so on.
Fine quality, to build steel body
All trusses use robot welding technology, which greatly improves the manufacturing process, the quality is elegant, strong and durable.
Applies whole stainless steel stair of elegant process, special surface treatment technology with tooth top polishing, anti-skidding treatment, which have the characteristics of easy maintenance, anti-oxidation and anti-rust.
Quick Details
Speed (m/s): 0.5/0.65 meter per second
Angle of Inclination(°):30 or 35
Balustrade Height (mm): 900/1000
Horizontal Step (PCS): 3 /4
Step Width (mm): 600/800/ 1000
Installation Environment: Indoor /Outdoor
Floor Plate Style: Stainless steel / Aluminum alloy
1. Compact structure
2. Beautiful design
3. Durable, stable and reliable
4. Comfortable
5. Energy saving 40%
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Seaworthy wooden case and bundle in container by sea or by train
Delivery Detail: 40 days upon down payment and signed documents
Terms of payment: L/C, T/T
1. 30% deposit of the total amount by T/T in advance
2. Balance to be in the seller’s account before delivery
We provide spare parts for free for 18 months if it’s not the human error or man-made damage. Your maintenance work get secured.
New generation landing door device
United elevator firstly apply the new generation landing door device in the indurstry.which prevent safety lock from slippery, landing door bump, landing door unusual opening. The three new safety standards redefine the safety.
The screen door protection system
Form light barrier in the elevator door with 194 infrared beam protection, it can make sensitive response to any person or object accessing in its detection plane with high security performance.
Emergency stop device
When the power failure causes the passengers being trapped in the elevator, the device automatically switches to the emergency operation. The elevator will stop on the nearest level with the battery and automatically open the door to release trapped passengers.
Safety supervision system in elevator
Each maintenance service network station of United Elevator makes real-time supervision over elevator in operation through reserved intelligent system interface (remote supervision interface); exclude malfunction before occurrence to guarantee 24-hour and 365-day safe and reliable operation of elevator.
New generation of advanced control system
32-bit industrial ARM controller with high level of performance; precise speed signal with outstanding comfort;
Combine all digital vectors inverter, make self-diagnosis and record through feedback to ensure efficiency and safety of elevator;
Perfect safety protection measures, be able to find emergencies and make corresponding protective measures when there is emergency arising to ensure safe and reliable operation;
Strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, strong antistatic electricity ability.
Digital converter technology
Make adjustment over current and phase according to practical load and speed of lift car, Make real-time and precise control over driving force of main machine to ensure safe and stable elevator operation.
Intelligent management system
IC card intelligent recognition system and authority management function achieves perfect combination of elevator control technology and computer communication technology, which greatly strengthen the security and intelligence of building management.
Permanent magnet synchronous gearlesssystem
Low heat loss and minimum operation cost, work efficiency is as high as 95%, 40% of energy saving compare with conventional technology. At the same time without the need for complex lubrication system, completely solved the problem of environmental pollution caused by the leakage of the traditional machine, and met the requirement of non-maintenance of motor and environmental protection.
Energy feedback device
Collect and store electric energy of no-load operation of elevator and then make feedback to elevator (electric mode) for use, saving more than 60% energy for elevator.
LED automatic illumination system
Adopt LED lamp, saving more than 85% energy compared with traditional incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp; at the meantime, after certain period with no call and waiting command, the illumination inside lift car will be automatically turned off, reaching the purpose of energy conservation.china Escalator manufacturers

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  egg yolk lecithin powder
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:55 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

1.Our History
Founded in 2012 as a professional international pharmaceutical corporation, headquartered in Xi'an (China), Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of standardized herbal extracts and natural active ingredients for pharmaceutical, health food and cosmetic industries.

2.Our Factory
Located in Hanzhong, Shannxi Province, more than 3,000 tons of a wide range of herbal extracts and natural active substances are extracted and manufactured from the factory annually.  
3.Our Product
Hot sale products includes the following:
1,Standard extracts
We supply a variety of extracts from nature, healthy and safe for human beings and animals.
4.Product Application
These extracts are widely used in the following area:
---Pharmaceutical area
---Food area
---Health care products
And these extracts are also used in cosmetic industry or for agricultural usage.
5.Our Certificate
Shaanxi Pioneer Biotech Co., Ltd has gotten Kosher for more than 800 products.
These products are also in compliance with worldwide GMP、HACCP norms, and most of them are tested by SGS.
6.Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Presently, 80% and above of our products have been well-recognized in dozens of countries and regions, such as USA, EU, South America and Southeast Asia.
7.Our service
Cooperated with famous testing organizations and international express cooperations, Pioneer can provide the most reliable products and best service for clients from all over the world.  egg yolk lecithin powder

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  Wholesale liver extract
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:52 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

100% Natural Carrot Extract Powder
Carrot Extract
SupplierShaanxi Longfu Biochemical CO.,LTD.
Latin nameDaucus carota L.  AppearanceYellow red fine powder
Part Used FruitSpecification4:1-20:1
ExtractionTypeSolvent ExtractionTest MethodTLC
GradePharmaceutical&FoodParticle Size80 mesh-120mesh
StorageStore in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat
Shelf lifeTwo years under well storage situation

Beta carotene is the molecule that gives carrots their orange colour. Beta carotene is part of a family of chemicals called the carotenoids, which are found in many fruit and vegetables, as well as some animal products such as egg yolks. Biologically, beta carotene is most important as the precursor of vitamin A. Beta carotene also has anti-oxidant properties and may help in preventing cancer and other diseases.
Beta carotene is also known as a provitamin because it can be converted in our body into vitamin A after oxidative cleavage by beta carotene 15, 150-dioxygenase. In plants, beta carotene acts as an anti-oxidant and neutralizes singlet oxygen radicals formed during photosynthesis.

1.Carrot extract beta carotene powder can be used to enhance human immunity;
2.Carrot extract beta carotene powder can be used to maintain the integrity of the skin mucous membrane layer, prevent skin dry and coarse;
3.Carrot extract beta carotene powder can promote growth;
4.Carrot extract beta carotene powder can be used as an antioxidant, may offer some protection against certain cancers and other diseases.

WeightGross WeightSizeCBMPacked Details
25kg/drum28kg35*35*1325px0.06 m³Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags inside
10kg/drum13kg30*40*1275px0.03 m³Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags inside
5kg/bag6.4kg27*750px    /Packed in an aluminum foil bag;  
Outer:paper carton; Inner: double-layer PE
1kg/bag1.2kg20*625px    /Packed in an aluminum foil bag;
Outer:paper carton; Inner: double-layer PE
 We can also packing as your requirement

 any port available
 Urgently order/lightly weight Choose Express Delivery(DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS)
 Delivery time: 3-5 working days after your payment
 Heavy weight Choose Air or Sea Shipping

Product Name Test Method Link
Tribulus Terrestris Extract UV Tribulus Terrestris Extract Saponins 20%~98%
Gentian Root Extract HPLC Gentian Extract Gentiopicrin3%~5%
Black Cohosh Extract HPLC Black Cohosh Extract Triterpenoidal Saponins 2.5%
Artichoke Extract UV    Artichoke Extract Cynarin2.5%,5%
Cocoa Extract HPLC Cocoa Extract Theobromine 10%,20%
Dan-shen Extract HPLC Dan-shen Extract Salvianolic Acid B&Tanshinone II A
Siberian Ginseng Extract HPLC Siberian Ginseng Extract Eleutherosides 0.8%,1.2%
Magnoliae Officinalis Extract HPLC Magnolia Officinalis Extract Magnolol&Honokiol
Fucus Extract UV Fucus Extract Iodine 0.1%
Horsetail Extract UV Horsetail Extract Organic Silicon 7%
Milk Thistle Extract UV Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin 80%
Ginger Root Extract HPLC Ginger Extract Gingerols 5%
White Willow Bark Extract HPLC White Willow Bark Extract Salicin 15%~98%
Boswellia Serrata Extract Titration    Boswellia Serrata Extract Boswellic Acid 65%,90%
Saw Palmetto Extract GC Saw Palmetto Extract Fatty Acid 25%,45%
White Kidney Bean Extract HPLC White Kidney Bean Extract Phaseolin 1%,2%
Matcha Green Tea Powder
Ceremonial Grade,Drink Grade,Food Grade
Spirulina Powder
Spirulina Powder Pharmaceutical &Food&Cosmetic Grade

If you're looking for the best carrot root extract powder,carrot extract, welcome to wholesale the quality and hot sale factory supply products with our professional herbal products manufacturers. We will offer you the best service and fast delivery.Wholesale liver extract

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  amino organic fertilizer bulk
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:48 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

Greenfert is a company engaged in fertilizer,with 2 main models: Organic fertilizer(Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid and Seaweed Extract) & Water Soluble NPK fertilizer. Also, OEM or formulated compound fertilizers are supplied in Greenfert.

In order to make sure the great quality, the QC team follows production process with strictstandards, which had made Greenfert received high evaluation from our customers covered over 30 countries and regions.

For offering high level service to our customers, Greenfert's R&D department had worked tightly with various soil-related questions and worked out the targeted solutions for different customers' demands.

Just focus on your field.For the fertilizer related questions, leave them to us please.
Why Choose Us
FAQ                  amino organic fertilizer bulk

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  bathroom vanitys suppliers
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:46 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

Welcome visit our website and wholesale quality best selling corner bathroom mirror cabinet at competitive price from our company.
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: CICCO curved bathroom cabinet
Model Number: LY-F5011
Type: Mirrored Cabinets
Item: modern china cabinet
1.15mm PVC main cabinet
2.Slow closing door hinge
3.Ceramic basin
4.High quality mirrors
5.Side cabinet and Towelbar
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:modern china cabinet
Outside packing: High strength carton.
Inner packing: Air bubble film and plastic bag.
Delivery Detail:25-30days after get deposit
1.Big producers
2.industry and trade integration,
3.good service, high credibility
4.OEM services provided; bathroom vanitys suppliers

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  Zoomlion Crane Driving Wheel China
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:43 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

Yantai Evergrowing Import And Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. We commit ourselves to the R&D and Production with some famous manufacturers. Our main products are Undercarriage Parts for Crawler crane, such as track shoe, track link, drive chain, track roller, top roller, idler, sprocket, etc.

We aim to supply best quality undercarriage parts for our customer, mainly for Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kobelco, IHI, Nippon Sharyo, Hitachi Sumitomo, Sany, Fuwa, XCMG, Zoomlion, Manitowoc, Demag, Terex, American, Link-Belt and so forth brands crane.

We have made great efforts and received high reputation from clients in South America, North America, South Africa, Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia etc.Zoomlion Crane Driving Wheel China

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  China Brake Hose
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:41 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

Welcome to Xinli Machinery website, for any your needs of high quality China or Jiangsu black ptfe brake hose, NSF, ISO14001, ISO16949 and TS16949, black ptfe brake line, black ptfe aviation hose, black teflon brake line, black teflon brake hose, black teflon aviation hose, please feel free to contact us.China Brake Hose


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  storage container coffee shop supplier
Yazar: ae293012ou - 07-10-2020, 01:38 AM - Forum: Diğer - Yorum Yok

As a pioneer in steel structure building industry, Qingdao KXD Steel Structure Co.,Ltd has been dedicated to design, engineering, detailing, manufacture, erection and management for various structural steel building projects with 20 year warranty whether for industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural sectors. Our goal is to be the leading and irreplaceable supplier, contractor and solution provider in terms of prefabricated/pre-engineered steel building business!
KXD's Strength:
50,000m² manufacturing plants-KXD is able to own 5 fabrication factories which the total area is up 50,000 square meters.
60 membership of engineering team and 1,000 employees:For any steel structure enterprise,architect capability is what to the core competitiveness.KXD's engineers includes designers,draftsman and detailers which carry around all the phases of plans and drawings for any projects.What's more,our skilled and experience workers with cutting-edge equipments will deliver the quality products for the customers
Comprehensive products line:For any potential steel structure building owner,you could find all the products needed for a steel building project whether from structural steel members,wall and roof sheets/panels,fasteners,doors and windows,skylights,ventilators and other necessary accessories.Moreover,KXD's wide network of suppliers could supply you assorted construction and decorative materials.We have exported our products to nearly 60 countries.
One-stop project solution and management:Besides design and manufacture,KXD has undertaken many successful cases of sending our installation engineers and workers to local construction site to help and manage the erection process.Our engineer's main responsibility is to coordinate all the involved party to work closely together and guarantee the going of the installation.
Products Scope:
Industrial warehouse/workshop/garage/shed, commerical steel building(shopping center/mall,churches etc), multi-story residential apartment building and office, agricultural farm house and shed, container and modular house/building, prefabricated house and all construction materials KXD could handle.
Our Awards:
National steel structure 1st grade qualification on production,construction and contract
ISO9000,CE,SGS and other accreditations
KXD helps you to build up your steel building construction dream!storage container coffee shop supplier

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