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The Pull-type Pavement Crack Seal manufacturers China

05-14-2020, 02:57 AM
In December 1992, dongyue company (jining special car factory) was established, belonging to jining automobile company, state-owned medium (one) enterprise. At the beginning of the factory, a workshop was rented from jining boiler plant, mainly engaged in the modification of the Yellow River car, and the production capacity was 3 9 cars in 1993.
In December 1996, the first workshop of jining special car factory (no.37 jinyu road) was completed and moved in, and mainly started to be engaged in the modification of semi-traile;
In August 1998, the company cooperates with jinan 6455 Arsenal, mainly engaged in production of semi-trailer was output reached 600, at the same time in the same year was named provincial science and technology commission for the high-tech enterprises in shandong province ", another rapid development in the history of the opportunity;
In May 1999, the company was renamed as shandong dongyue special automobile manufacturing co., LTD. At the same time, it was officially approved by the state machinery commission to be listed in the national automobile product catalog, and the sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan;
In July 2000, dongyue company's overall assets transferred to yingkelai group, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of yingkelai group.;
In December 2000, the company passed the ISO9001 quality certification of the national import and export commodity quality certification center;
In January 2001, the new 3888M2 modern workshop was completed and put into production in no. 37 jinyu road, laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of dongyue company。
In November 2003, the company was reformed into a company with limited liability company (China heavy automobile, yingkelai group each accounting for 15% shares) the management of the company is more standardized.;
In June, 2004, the company invested 1938,000 yuan to establish the image of the southwest heavy steam image 4S shop;
In June 2006, dongyue company invested 30 million square meters of new workshop (no. 126 tongji road) to start construction, and the company entered the fast lane of rapid development;
In June 2006, the enterprise technology center was recognized as a provincial technology center by provincial science and technology department, and in 2007, it was identified as a provincial key enterprise technology center;
In July 2009, the company invested 450,000 yuan, with a stake of 4.47 percent, and participated in the cultural communication company of qufu Oriental holy city and involved in the cultural industry;
In August 2009, China's heavy steam group expanded its shares in the form of land, expanding to 25.61% of the participating shares in our company, and the cooperation between the company and China heavy steam group entered a new development period;
In 2010, the company's sales revenue successfully exceeded 1 billion yuan and the profit tax exceeded 20 million, which became the key machinery manufacturing enterprise in jining city;
In November 2012, the total construction area of the project was 173,000 square meters, and the construction of dongyue company international business park, which planned to invest 1.18 billion yuan, was started。
In July 2014, the company signed a strategic cooperation ceremony with shandong institute of transportation science, and shandong dongyue hengyuan road and bridge machinery technology co., ltd. was formally established。
In March 2016, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SWIFT, Britain's largest rv company, to officially operate the shandong osden rv co., LTD.。
In July 2016, the company signed the strategic agreement of school-enterprise cooperation with the school of engineering machinery of chang 'an university。
Shandong dongyue special automobile manufacturing co., LTD. Is a leading enterprise of China's heavy road maintenance machinery co., LTD. Company was founded in 1992, is located in the hometown of Confucius, the canal, the city of jining city of shandong province high-tech development zone, the company covers an area of 168000 square meters, fixed assets of 380 million yuan, sales income 1 billion yuan. The company has a special car division, a special car factory, a sales service center and a high-tech school, with more than 600 employees, including over 100 engineers and technicians. Is a scientific research, manufacturing, sales, services, education in one of China's heavy road machinery backbone enterprises.  
Shandong dongyue hengyuan road bridge machinery technology co., ltd. is jointly established by shandong dongyue special car manufacturing co., ltd. in cooperation with shandong academy of transport science, and integrates research, development, production and marketing to one integrated technology co., LTD. It is the only research and development base of highway maintenance equipment set up by shandong institute of transportation science in shandong province. My company r &d and production of asphalt pavement comprehensive repair car tracking, road sweeper, asphalt pavement crack filling and sealing car, asphalt macadam seal coat and slurry seal car, garbage compression, sprinkler and other more than 30 kinds of products have been in the domestic 23 provinces and regions to promote and use, obtained the customer high praise.  
Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, good faith dongyue" management idea and "fine quality, and the efficient, meticulous work, sincere service, keep improving" work principle, has a complete quality guarantee system, leading products through the department of science and technology achievement appraisal, with product design and development ability and perfect after-sales service system, wholeheartedly for the majority of users provide a comprehensive range of technical and service support. The company is willing to seek common development with friends from all walks of life and create a bright future together.
Our Product
Maintenance car series: road surface comprehensive maintenance car, road heat regeneration repair car, trailer type maintenance car.
Grouting series: concrete pavement joint sealing machine
Sanitation series: road sweeper, road sweeper.
Product Application
The road maintenance car is applied to the road pit, the bag, the subsidence, the crack irrigation.
The road filling and seaming car is applied to asphalt pavement crack irrigation and asphalt spraying.
The road sweeper is applied to the cleaning and maintenance of the road.
Production Equipment
Company has a perfect production manufacturing capability, from next makings shape to welding, assembly, painting, several big technology, complete testing equipment, advanced manufacturing processes, has 500 sets of specialized equipment and tooling, all series of products to achieve production assembly li
improve the overall level of equipment technology and development provides a strong support for the company.
8 m CNC shearing machine.
Automatic tank welding production line
Car box production line
The coating line
Automatic guillotine shears
8 m automatic bending machine
Shot blasting machine
Open coiling school level production line
Automatic assembly line for 8 meters.
Fine plasma cutting machine
The door type longitudinal beam automatic production line.
                               The Pull-type Pavement Crack Seal manufacturers China

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