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Indoor Media Screen price

02-24-2020, 01:51 AM
SpecificationsItem: P5 Shenghui Hotel in Chuzhou
Model Number: P5
Pixel Pitch: 5mm
Display size: 8.48m (width) 脳 4.16m (height) = 35.28m2
Pixel Configuration: RGB
Total resolution: 1696 columns 脳 832 rows = 11110072 pixel
LED brand: Taiwan Jingyuan + Hangzhou Silan brand chip
Installation height: About 0.5 meters from the ground
LED Type: SMD3528
Module size(mm): 160*160
Module Resolution(dots): 32*32
Min.Viewing Distance(m): 鈮?
Brightness(cd/m虏): 0-1000
Lifespan: 100,000hours
Refresh Rate锛圚z/s锛? 500-1200
Protecion Level: Front: IP31
Hotel led media display screen specifications are P2.5, P4锛孭6 & P8 etc.
Q: What' s the Difference Between an Indoor LED screen and projector?
A: When you are looking for an indoor display device, there are actually two options to choose from. You can either go for an LED screen or an LED projector. But what鈥檚 the difference? Let鈥檚 take a closer look.
In terms of brightness, the LED screen is definitely better than a projector. No matter what type of projector you will be using, an LED screen will still out perform it in terms of brightness.
That鈥檚 because an LED screen/wall is using directed light, while the LED projector will be using reflected light.
To compound that, you also have to consider the distance of the projector to the screen. That鈥檚 another factor why LED projectors lose their brightness.
Size is also not an issue for an LED screen/wall. As for projectors, they each have their maximum size capacity.
So the size of the display for an LED projector will be fixed. As for an LED screen/wall, there is virtually no limit to the size of the wall you want to have.
As long as the wall you will be planning to put the LED screen/wall will be able to support it, you can cascade any number of LED screens and have any type of resolution you want (4K, 2K, or even just HD).
Generally, LED screens are more expensive than LED projectors upfront. But if you factor in the maintenance costs of each, you will be able to save more if you invest on an LED screen.
That鈥檚 because replacing an LED bulb for your projector is generally more expensive than replacing the LED module on your LED wall. So,even though an LED screen costs more up front, you will be able to save more over time with it.
In terms of performance, both have already advanced so much that they are virtually identical. The only advantage you get when you are using LED screens/wall is that you won鈥檛 have to worry about ambient light.Indoor Media Screen price

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