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Customized Stainless Steel Casting For Pipe Fittings

01-20-2020, 02:19 AM
Our History
Jiangsu Runte Machinery Factory established 1986,have CE & ISO certificates,we manufacture stainless steel castings, aluminum castings, precision castings and electrical equipment, railway equipment, auto parts, ductile iron, steel castings, etc.
Our Factory
With more than 33 years experience of supplying to a great variety of end users from different fields have 3 own branch factories, Factory has fixed assets of 35 million USD, Our factory has excellent production equipment, complete testing equipment, strong technical force, perfect quality system, stable and reliable quality.
Over the years, work on the electric power fittings, Electrified railway catenary parts, aluminum alloy casting, stainless steel casting, aluminum alloy welding parts, wear-resistant heat alloy, Electromagnetic accessories, precision casting, ductile iron casting, malleable iron, metallurgical machinery for the production and marketing.
Our Product
The material standards we have used:
1. Carbon Steel Casting: ASTM A27 (Grade 60-30, 65-35, and70-36)
2. Grey Iron Casting: ASTM A48 (Class 20 A B C S; Class 25 A B C S; Class 30 A B C S; Class 35 A B C S)
3. Grey Iron Castings used on valve flanges and pipes: ASTM A126-04 (Class A B C)
4. High Manganese Steel Casting: ASTM A128/128M-93
5. Structure High Strength Steel: ASTM A148 (80-40, 80-50, 90-60, and105-85)
6. Grey Iron Castings used on vehicles: ASTM A159 (G 2500a; G 3500b)
7. Carbon Steel Casting used in high temperature with good weldability: ASTM A216 (WCA, WCB, and WCC)
8. Pressure Steel Castings: ASTM A487/487M
9. Wear-resistant Ductile Iron Casting: ASTM A532/A522M (12%Cr; 15%Cr-Mo), ASTM A897
10. Ductile Iron Casting: ASTM A536-84
11. Aluminum Casting: ASTM B26 (A355, A356), ASTM B108, ASTM B618, ASTM B85 (A360, A380, A390), ADC10, ADC12, ADC14
12. Stainless steel Casting: ASTM A743 (CF-3M, CF-8M, CF8, CF3), ANSI 304, 304L, 316, 316L
Product Application
The electric power fittings ------- Used for electric power hardware circuit below 330,000 volts, power station hardware and connection hardware below 330,000 volts, etc.
Construction fasteners ------- It is used for the configuration of construction erecting hand, which plays the role of fastening connection.
Railway equipment ------- It is used the Catenary connection equipment and cable equipment for 350kg/h.
High-speed railway ------- It is used for high-speed train (wuhan - hefei) connection equipment, line equipment.
Auto spare parts ------- It is used for car shifting gear, device and air conditioner.
Aluminium Alloy ------- It is used for oil immersion system and foreign power stations of 35,000 volts and 110,000 volts.
Our Certificate
For electric power industry
-- -- -- -- -- Forging production license
-- -- -- -- -- Aluminum copper aluminum production license
-- -- -- -- -- Malleable iron production license
-- -- -- -- -- Cast iron production license
The ministry of railways -- -- -- -- -- A variety of product testing qualified certification
The ministry of construction -- -- -- -- -- Bare aluminum wire production license
As well as ISO9000 and ISO16949
Production Equipment
Tokyu AMF-IV07(S) Flaskless Automatic Molding line 銆丄umomatic pouring machine銆丳neumatic micro contact molding line 銆丗ondarc Automatic Sand Mixing Machine (Including Online monitor)銆丆old Core Machine銆丠ot Core Machine銆丒 lectric Furnace.
Production Market
Jiangsu Runte Machinery Factory in the electric power department and the Well-known industrial manufacturer has higher popularity. With the electric power fittings and the electromagnetic accessories sold to Europe and the United States. To meet the Olympic special line (of) 350 kilometers per hour, the beijing-tianjin high-speed all castings are provided by our factory, still hang the safe operation of the network, and win the ministry of railways expert's consistent high praise.
Jiangsu Runte Machinery Factory will increase the stainless steel castings, aluminum castings, Electrified railway catenary parts and power equipment and auto spare accessories market development efforts, and practice the scientific outlook on development, for the revitalization of the economy, go abroad to participate in international trade, contribute to human development and progress.
**For example:
Electric power fittings Sold throughout the country, there are 24 offices throughout the country, especially for the transformation of the national agricultural network has made contributions.
Railway equipment have the inspection report and the notice of access to the network issued by the Ministry of railways.
Auto spare parts For a long time for chongqing feida factory, chongqing sanqing factory, the production of byd, gac and other cars (cars) for.
Aluminum alloy products -- -- -- -- -- -- -- flange shell, Circuit breaker can body G1S of tank, GCB shell
Sell to: ABB, Japan, ABB of the United States, South Korea star.
Sell to: yunnan company (hereafter called sacsc), xiamen ABB, Beijing company (hereafter called sacsc).
Our Service
The management and technology extensively improved on the idea of "Innovation and integrity". We aimed at providing clients with satisfying service by products with high quality and low price and making contributions to the development of international electrical power industry.Customized Stainless Steel Casting For Pipe Fittings

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