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China Yamaha ATV Carburetor manufacturers

02-11-2020, 01:16 AM
1.Type and application
PD42J carburetor is a large displacement ATV ATV carburetor, suitable for yamaha Grizzly 600(1998-2001) and other ATV engines, mainly used with 600/700cc engine, can also be used for other similar types of engines.
2. Main structural dimensions
Main: 蠁1.58
Slow: 蠁0.65
Inlet side ID: 42mm,
Diameter increased port :48 mm
Outer diameter of air filter side :62mm
3. Description of characteristics
Carburetor USES Japanese advanced technology, excellent performance, fuel saving, high cost performance; For many brands motorcycle OEM favored products, we will provide quality after-sales service.
4. Packing list
Net weight (kg) : 1.44/0.88
Inside the box (mm) : 170 * 150 * 125
Outer package size (mm): 770*350*180(10/20 sets per carton)
Gross weight of shell (kg):16.5/21.4
1 throttle valve base cover,1 throttle valve base rubber pad,1 throttle valve cable clip, 3 throttle valve base screws, 2 main holes 1.55,1.50
5.The quality of  Carburetor inspection up to 100%, non - conforming products no outflow
6. Basic structure
Among the carburetor's various functional devices, the main oil supply device is the oil supply device required by the engine under various working conditions except idle speed, which is the basic oil supply structure of the carburetor. Idle gear is a device that provides a small, thick mixture of gas during idle operation to maintain a steady minimum engine speed. Thickening device is an extra oil supply device when the engine is under heavy load to make up for the shortage of main oil supply. Acceleration device is an additional oil supply device when the valve opening suddenly increases during vehicle acceleration, so that the engine speed and power can be rapidly increased. A starter is a device that provides a very thick mixture when the engine is cold started. A choke is usually installed in front of the throat to control the air intake.
7. FQA
Q: Where is it made?
A: Fuding city, fujian province, China.
Q: How do you classify carburetors? ?
A: carburetors are divided into simple carburetors and complex carburetors. Carburetors can also be divided into downward suction type and flat suction type. The carburetor can be divided into rotary type and lift type according to the type of throttle. The rotary throttle valve is a disc shaped throttle valve which is arranged between the carburetor throat and the intake pipe and rotates around the axis to change the flow area of the inlet. The lift-type throttle is constructed as a barrel-type plate throttle, which moves up and down at the throat to change the channel area at the throat. The motorcycle carburetor usually adopts this form. There is also a carburetor which is a mixture of the two. The manual control of the rotary throttle and the diaphragm control of the lift throttle are also commonly used in motorcycles. This is called the CV type.
Q: are your prices higher?
A: 100% ex-factory inspection to make sure there are no defective products
Q: When can I get it now?
A: About 10 days by air
By sea for about 30 days
Q: Terms of payment?
A: Telegraphic transfer is supported.China Yamaha ATV Carburetor manufacturers

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